Merry Christmas! From a VERY Spoiled Mother Runner!

Here’s my Christmas recap.

Christmas Eve – Maternal grandparents’ house. Lots of cousins. Lots of memories. Lots of cinnamon roll sneaking. Some serious second cousin wrestling. Yummy homemade chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes. Present highlight: my grandparents bought the boys a little desktop all-in-one computer.

Christmas Morning – Our house. Elfin left, but Santa came! He brought TMNT swords that make noise. What was Santa thinking?! Daddy Man surprised me with a lime green FitBit Zip. He’s so cute. I named him Kiwi.

Christmas Mid-morning – My parents’ house. More cinnamon rolls. My mom is the best gift giver. Starting in about October, she just starts taking note of every time I like something or mention wanting it. And then she buys it and sticks in the Grey-Eyed Mom Christmas pile. My favorite was the Dogeared Jewelry silver karma circle necklace. And my owl Caribou Coffee mug…It makes coffee taste better. And the boys got all four Battle Shell TMNTs!

Christmas Afternoon – Paternal grandparents’ house. More homemade chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes. Two pieces of Mom’s apple pie, made with almond milk because she loves me. Lots of presents, including new Garmin watches for both Daddy Man and Grey-Eyed Mom! Although the highlight was probably the boys opening their giant bears from my grandparents’. I managed to capture a blurry picture of what pure joy looks like.


December 27th – In-laws’ house. Delayed as usual by BIL and SIL’s travel schedule and my work schedule. The highlight of the day was running 4 miles with my SIL. She and I also shared dinner duties. BBQ meat boulders with homemade bread, mashed potatoes, string beans, stuffing muffins, and salad. YUM. The present highlight was new Saucony Guide 7s that I asked for in the wrong size. Oops. Thankfully the run store had the 8s I needed in stock, so I just exchanged them. And then I made homemade donuts for my BIL, because I’m the most awesome sister-in-law in the world.

Daddy Man made me make a list of all the running stuff I got for Christmas or bought afterwards with gift certificates or Christmas money.

FitBit Zip
Nathan Speed 2 Hydration Belt
Polar Buff
Runner Girl Tervis Water Bottle
C9 blue 1/4 zip pullover
teal and purple straps for my RoadID
Trigger Point GRID foam roller
Garmin 220 – The new PURPLE one!
iPod Shuffle
Moving Comfort purple running dress with matching compression shorts
DuoTrap speed/cadence sensor
Node 1.1 bike computer
Saucony Guide 7 shoes
CEP Night Calf Sleeves in Flash Orange
hot pink short sleeve GoRun shirt
Brooks pullover top
Kyodan offwhite quilted headband – very pretty!

I hope I didn’t forget anything! Oh wait…Daddy Man got me the best present. He registered me for the Back 2 Back Prairie Fire Challenge. I’ll be doing both half marathons in 2014! Bring it on. But, yes, I’m spoiled!! I have an amazing, big, generous family.

I will definitely be posting reviews and updates as I use all my new gear. I am such a Runnerd!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. The New Year is just around the corner. I’m working on my goals, so expect a post soon!


That Couple

Daddy Man called me in a panic this morning. He couldn’t find his Garmin. He thought he had it in his gym bag, but when he dug through it, it was missing, along with his road ID. He asked me to look in his bike helmet…no Garmin.

I searched through the whole house, checking all the spots he usually leaves it. It wasn’t in the pile of winter running gloves, headbands, and hats drying on top of the dryer. It wasn’t in the basket on his dresser that holds his extra gloves, Bondi Bands, heart rate monitor strap, and extra shoe laces. It wasn’t in the basket on my dresser with my heart rate monitor strap, swim goggles, handheld water bottle, extra Tifosi lenses, and the rest of my running/biking/swimming accoutrements. It wasn’t on the kitchen counter where our Garmin chargers hang out. (Why can’t they use the same charger? Why, Garmin? Why?) And it wasn’t on the kitchen table with last weekend’s discarded race bib still attached to his race belt.

After I had searched everywhere, I stopped to laugh. We really are that couple. Daddy Man referred to us as such on our summer trip to Manhattan, KS, where he competed in the Apple Triathlon. We spent the entire two hour trip talking about running, biking, swimming, our goals for racing, our training, and our love of this sport. It felt normal, like conversations like that always happened between us. We were so into our conversation that we missed our exit and had to go 20 minutes out of our way. Daddy Man turned to me and said, “We are that couple. Aren’t we?”

He meant…that athletic couple. The couple that runs together, bikes together, swims together, races together. And man, does it feel good! I never thought of myself athletic, but now everywhere I turn people are asking me for workout advice, running advice, and gear advice. They tell me how good I look, how tone my body is. Me? Toned?

Even though I was frustrated at the missing Garmin, I smiled at the thought of being that couple. I’m thankful I married an athletic boy who inspired and brought the athletic girl in me to the surface.

I was about to take a break from searching when I thought to go back to the helmet. His helmet was empty, but hanging on the same hook next to it was my helmet. We are that couple after all. And nestled inside, next to my cold weather biking gloves, was his Garmin and his road ID. Whew…crisis averted.

Thanks, Daddy Man, for being that couple with me!

Jingle Bell Run – Race Report

And I thought the Turkey Trot was cold! As we headed to Exploration Place, I checked the temperature. The wind chill was -7! Brrrrrrrr! On the plus side, we didn’t have to wait outside in the cold before the race started. We hung out inside the nice heated Exploration Place lobby until literally two minutes before the race started. And we were off for our 4 mile run!

The first mile flew by and then Brown hollered that his shoe was slipping off his foot. Daddy Man bent down to retie it only to have Brown’s entire shoelace come off in his hand. I had strung jingle bells through the last loop of his shoestring and it had rubbed through the entire lace! NuhNuh was right behind us and rigged his shoestring by tying a knot in the broken place. We only lost about 3-4 minutes with the pit stop, but it took me a bit to warm back up after it.

Brown got a stitch in his side at about 2.5 miles and we had to take two walk breaks and get him to stretch and deep breathe it out. Our boy is a trooper for sure! We picked up the pace after the mile 3 marker and finished the last mile with an under 11min/mile pace. Daddy Man and I hung back and let our boy sprint to the finish. The photographer got a pretty great shot. The look on Daddy Man’s face says it all…pure pride and joy!



And here’s me, grinning like an idiot. Gosh, I love running! And check out my awesome new Reebok cold weather running outfit. Yay Black Friday shopping! I got two compliments on it. Underneath it is my purple Target C9 cold weather running outfit. It was THAT cold! The thing that really saved me was the hand warmers shoved into my gloves. Those things are worth their weight in gold!

The finish line ended at the Exploration Place side doors, so we walked right back into the warmth and headed straight for the hot chocolate, coffee, donuts, bagels, and fruit. We definitely got our money’s worth there. We decided to go ahead and head home, but Daddy Man decided to check the results print outs for our official time. We then realized that Brown had gotten first in his age group! (So what if he was first of only two!) We hung around for the awards and our big picked up his second hardware of his six month running career!
Brown and his medal!
Brown and his NuhNuh!