Hydration Challenge


For a little over a week now, I have been focusing on hydration. Most of the time I crave water, but some days I get busy and I forget to keep a glass or bottle near me. I also tend to gulp water when I get thirsty. I use Galloway’s run/walk method in order to walk before I get tired while running. Why not use the same theory for my hydration? Drink before I get too thirsty.

There are several recommendations out there about how much water we should get. There’s the old recommendation of eight 80z glasses. The Institute of Medicine recommends 91oz for women and 120oz for men. Those numbers seem a little random to me. The current recommendation from sports medicine experts is for people to drink anywhere from half an ounce to one ounce per pound of body weight. I currently weight about 135lbs, so my recommended intake would be 68oz to 135oz. That’s a big range. I settled on an even 100, which is right in between. I seem to be able to get about 80 oz in on a good day when I’m not really thinking about it. 100 oz is definitely something I have to be mindful of.

The other thing I have been focusing on is spacing out my water. This gives my kidneys a chance to absorb and use the water, instead of overloading my system and just peeing it out before it has a chance to do any good.

So how do you do a hydration challenge?

  1. Download a water app on your phone. I use Water Your Body. It’s an Android app, so I’m not sure if it’s available on Apple. There’s several others you can use. If you have a FitBit or use MyFitnessPal, there is a water tracker on those apps, so you don’t have to have a separate app.
  2. Keep water next to you at all times. As soon as I finish a glass, I fill it back up. I try to sip instead of chug a glass.
  3. Be prepared to pee a lot. I have a tiny bladder to begin with, so I’m used to frequent trips to the bathroom. I will say that you eventually get used to it and your trips may slow down as your body gets used to having a good amount of water in your system.
  4. Get fun water bottles. At home, I use either a 12oz mason jar or a regular 16oz Tervis Tumbler glass. When I’m out of the house, I use a variety of bottles…small 14oz bottles that fit in my purse, big 32oz bottles to take to longer shifts at work, 20oz Tervis Tumbler water bottles, and my bike bottles while also hold 20oz.
  5. Only count water. I usually drink two cups of coffee a day and I don’t include this in my water total. I also drank a pop at Chipotle last week and I didn’t count that either.
  6. Ease into it. You don’t have to start off drinking 100oz. Start at the bottom of your recommendation range and add from there if you want to.

wpid-screenshot_2014-11-25-09-07-47.png    wpid-screenshot_2014-11-24-22-09-00.png    wpid-screenshot_2014-11-25-09-06-01.png

Here’s the Water Your Body app screens. The first one is my daily view. I add a glass every time I drink it. You can see I spaced it out, trying to drink 12 oz about every hour. The middle picture is my report view. You can see my intake have fluctuated a lot in the last week. I hope to level it out this week! And the last picture is one of my favorite features. You can edit all the bottle/cup sizes to fit your favorite water containers!

So why should I drink this much water? The health benefits of water are endless. You can do a google search for yourself, but here are the highlights I have found.

  1. Boosts metabolism! – This is true for me. In the week that I’ve been doing this, I’m down 1.5lbs and I’m not eating any less.
  2. Healthier skin.
  3. Less headaches, more mental clarity. – Your brain needs water!
  4. Easier digestion.
  5. Ease of joint pain.
  6. Better body temperature regulation.
  7. Increases organ efficiency.
  8. Reduces bloat. – This seems backwards, but it’s true!
  9. Boosts energy.
  10. Decreases calorie intake. Hunger pains can actually be dehydration. Drink water before a meal to reduce the amount of food you eat.

Are you inspired to drink more water?

Do you track your water intake?

Let me know if you decide to do a personal hydration challenge!


I Didn’t Run Today

I didn’t run today. And I did it on purpose. This is breaking one of my cardinal rules. “Never miss a Monday.” But my body needs a rest. Holiday stress is encroaching. Parts of my body just hurt. My stomach has been giving me issues lately. I just needed a break to catch up and relax.

The boys get on the bus at 7am. For the next hour, I did this.


I sat in my recliner with my cozy K-State sweatshirt blanket and my snuggly puppy, and I finished my book. I read The Jewel by Amy Ewing this weekend. I enjoyed it. If you liked The Selection, you must read The Jewel.

Then I got busy. I emptied the dishwasher, loaded it back up, and started it. I sorted laundry and managed to do FOUR full loads…including the folding and the putting away…before I had to leave for work. I made myself a yummy lunch (turkey breast, couscous, and broccoli), followed by another round of empty and reload the dishwasher. I drank six 12oz glasses of water, spacing them out every hour. I am determined to get my water in and get my stomach issues back under control. I vacuumed AND dusted the house. I decluttered the kitchen table. We could actually eat dinner on it if we wanted to! I hung every jacket and coat up. I put everyone’s shoes away. I tidied up the living room. I took one glance at the disaster that is the boys’ toy tubs and decided to tackle that another day.

By the time it was ready to go to work, I had 8500 steps on my Vivofit. Never miss a Monday…I definitely didn’t miss it. My workout was just different than circles around the YMCA track.

I love to run. I need to run. But sometimes I need to be a housewife and a mom and get my house back in order. Nothing destresses me like a CLEAN, TIDY house!!

I could have ended this post here, but I do need to share something. Yesterday, all four of us ran in our city’s 2-mile Turkey Trot. We came home with four frozen turkeys…YES! There’s also a 10-mile race, and one of these years I’m going to do it, but for now I enjoy running with my boys. Well, I got to run with one of them. Four-year-old Mark did the Turkey Trot last year in 31:31. This year five-year-old Mark did it in 24:14. So proud of him!! I had a major Mom fail since I didn’t take any pictures of Mark running or before or after. I lost count of the number of people who gushed over how cute and how awesome our little runner was!

Last year six-year-old John ran the Turkey Trot in 22:23 (11:12 pace). This year seven-year-old John ran the Turkey Trot in 15:34 (7:47 pace)! SPEED DEMON!! His dad and I are so proud of him. He is so dedicated to his running and is so smart with his training. I just love him. I see us running races together for many, many years to come. I get butterflies just thinking about running a half marathon with him some day. Here is his finishing picture from yesterday! PURE JOY! (And I love his toothless smile…he lost two teeth in two days.)


That’s a good note to end on. Happy Monday, everyone!!

Sad Earbuds


What is wrong with this picture? Aren’t earbud covers supposed to come in pairs? Yep…I lost the cover to one of my yurbuds. I lost it at the Mustashe Dash 20 days ago. 20 days is a LONG time to go without your favorite earbuds. I had to pull out a pair of the regular JVC gummy ones I keep in my work bag. They bounce in my ears, they are not soft, and they don’t like to stay where I put them. I miss my yurbuds!! I FINALLY ordered replacement covers today and noticed on their website they have new women’s only wireless earbuds available THIS month. Something just shot to the top of my Christmas list!

What kind of earbuds do you wear when you run??

What? I’ve had these forever…

I got new running tights on Tuesday and gave them a whirl yesterday. I wanted some tights that were unlined for those in between days when capris just aren’t enough but it’s not cold enough to bust out the fleece lined tights. I really liked these ones from Old Navy . You can’t tell in the picture, but they aren’t solid black. They have some contrasting striping. I like black running bottoms, because they go with everything. But plain old black is boring…I like some variety. I got another pair too that has some geometric striping stuff on it. Ok…I suck at describing black prints…ha!


Where do you get your running bottoms?
I find tops just about everywhere (Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, GoRun), but I’m pretty specific about my running bottoms. I do like Old Navy’s active stuff though!


Hey look, it’s me…not wearing running clothes! I just had to share my new super soft fleece zip-up, also from Old Navy. I have wanted one of these for a year. Old Navy has them every year and they always sell out of them during Black Friday. I remembered to head in there this week and get one before they are gone! I’m totally willing to spend an extra $3-5 over what they sell them on Black Friday. These jackets are awesome. Thick and soft and warm. Jackets and coats are one thing I have been slowly replacing in my new small size. There are things to don’t think of when you lose weight…and one is just all the different clothing items you need to replace over time with your new size. Like right now I have NO slacks that fit me right. None. I live in skinny jeans, yoga pants, and running clothes. Ha!

Ok…enough randoms for this Thursday. Off to do the exciting stuff…laundry, dishes, errands, and then later library work! Happy Thursday!

I Mustache You Some Questions



I’ve seen this on two sites this week and it looked fun. No one tagged me in it, but since I still cannot seem to put blogging anywhere near the top of my to-do list, here’s a pre-made post just waiting to be filled out!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

  • Poodie – My childhood nickname that my husband picked up as well. Where does it come from? When I was a baby, my dad said I looked like a Poodie. What’s a Poodie? A baby me. My dad’s a funny guy.
  • Marie – My Mema calls me this. It’s my middle name.
  • Mom – Mama and Mommy have been replaced by mom, even by my five-year-old. Sigh. I hear this word a lot, sometimes too much!
  • Dutch – My daddy calls me Dutch. I don’t really know why. Sometimes he adds Marie to it and calls me Dutch Marie.

Four jobs I have had:

  • Sonic carhop – two summers during college
  • Community Assistant – I spent three years at the front desk of the dorms. Loved that job!
  • Chem Lab Teaching Assistant – It still blows my mind that I was allowed to do this job as an undergrad. It was fun teaching my peers.
  • Librarian – My current occupation and my permanent career. I’ve worked in three libraries so far. Kids and books…my two favorite things!

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  • Avatar – This is one of my all time favorites.
  • all Pixar and Disney movies – I have kids…what can I say!
  • The Family Stone – My favorite Christmas movie. Noel and I watch it together multiple times every December.
  • The Cutting Edge – I used to be obsessed with figure skating, and this movie got watched A LOT in high school.
Four books I’d recommend: (Uh…I’m a librarian…how do you expect me to limit it to just four?!)
  • The Selection, The Elite, The One – AWESOME series. If you like dystopian YA stuff, you must read these!
  • The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series – My most favorite YA series to date.
  • Watership Down – My favorite book growing up. I had to buy another copy because my first one fell apart.
  • Train Like a Mother – My favorite running book.

Four places I have lived:

  • Wichita, KS
  • Manhattan, KS
  • Rose Hill, KS
  • Douglass, KS

Four places I have been:

  • New York City – with a 3-month-old!
  • Hawaii
  • Table Rock Lake
  • Disney World

Four places I’d rather be right now:

  • Running
  • Somewhere warm where I can wear a tank, shorts, and a flip flops
  • Manhattan, KS at a K-State football game
  • One of my grandparents’ house – I love to visit both sets.

Four things I don’t eat:

  • milk – I’m very lactose intolerant.
  • fish – I just don’t like it. And I’ve tried!
  • peppers – I don’t really like spicy food.
  • ham – I’m allergic…we think. I’ve gotten sick the last few times I’ve eaten it. And now the thought just leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

Four of my favorite foods:

  • Coffee – is that a food?
  • Peanut Butter
  • bread, bagels, pasta – I LOVE CARBS!
  • Chipotle burrito with rice, black beans, chicken, and LOTS of tomato salsa

Four TV shows that I watch:

  • Criminal Minds
  • Parenthood
  • Cutthroat Kitchen – Noel and I LOVE this show!
  • Big Band Theory

Four things I’m always saying:

  • I need coffee.
  • Don’t do that!
  • I love you!
  • Answering my husband’s daily question of “What’s the workout for today?” I’m our family’s run coach.

Four people I tag: