PiYo Before!

Here we go! 8 weeks of PiYo! I’m hoping that by posting this here it will increase my accountability!


Mr. Neon took these pictures. He told me not to smile. I look mad. Haha.

I can definitely see where I hope to have results…mainly my core, buns, and thighs. And my shorts are holding in the belly skin that I will probably never be rid of without surgical intervention. Darn kids.

Measurements (in inches)
Chest 32
R arm 11
L arm 11
Waist 33
Hips 37
R thigh 23
L thigh 23
Total 170
Weight 134.0

Mr. Neon is going to do it with me. I promised him I wouldn’t post his before pics or measurements. Tomorrow we begin!


Two Sentences Per Picture!

I did speedwork on Wednesday in these bada$$ purple leggings from Old Navy. I love these leggings, and new workout clothes totally motivate me.

Then I came home and made homemade (dough and sauce!) mini pizzas for the freezer. We can thaw, add toppings, and pop under the broiler.

This was my lunch. Crumbled up homemade meatball and kale tossed in olive oil and garlic salt.

Thursday I went to Whole Foods and got some of this yummy stuff. I have since returned the Sport one and got another tub of Vega One in French Vanilla, which I will blog about next week.

This was lunch on Thursday. One scoop of Vega One, 8oz almond milk, banana, 4 frozen strawberries, handful spinach, handful kale, dollop of almond butter, 4 big ice cubes.

After my long run of 7 miles on Friday, I went to the grocery store and got our weekly supply of apples. 7 miles in 1:09:20, 9:51 pace…beautiful weather!

I also got a pound of carrots which I peeled, steamed, and mashed with a fine potato masher. After these are frozen, I will put them in my smoothies.

While Mr. Neon did his long run today, I took the boys to Whole Foods. I promised them a cookie if they were good, but I found a Vegan Everything cookie for me too.

Motivation…I found you!

Hey all! I had every intention of blogging yesterday, but I was busy! I don’t know what got into me, but I cleaned the whole house top to bottom. Ok…so I missed dusting the entertainment center. How does that thing get so dusty so fast?! Who’s idea was it to get an all glass entertainment center? Oh…right…

But yeah…I cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, did ALL. THE. LAUNDRY. Decluttered our room and our office. I did take one glance into the boys’ room and thought, “Meh. Good enough.” I vacuumed. I washed our sheets. I washed the dog. Both of those things must be done together. Clean dog + clean sheets = our bedroom instantly smells good!

I ran 5 miles. A nice easy TM ladder. You can glance over at my DM widget to see exactly what I did. I am so ready to run outside. I don’t HATE the treadmill and the indoor track like some runners do, but I am looking forward to some sunshine on my face again.

I stopped at the grocery store on my way home from the gym and grabbed some O-Ring thingies to store our race bibs on. I also got some kale. YUM…kale. We need to take down our 2014 medals and get ready for all the 2015 ones. How do you store your medals? We keep ours up for a year and then put them away. I’ll take pictures once we have the medal-taking-down ceremony this week.

After lunch, I sat down and filled out this bad boy.
One of my coworkers got it for me. Isn’t she awesome?! I’m really excited to be able to track my run with good ole fashioned pen and paper. It encourages you to keep a running total of your mileage, which I started doing last year, but then stopped. Daily Mile is nice, but it rounds numbers and doesn’t split up your totals at the end of the year (running, biking, swimming, etc). I like numbers, so it’ll be neat to see how much I’ve done of everything at the end of 2015.

I made more marinara sauce yesterday from The Runner’s World Cookbook. A double batch this time. Holy moly, this stuff is GOOD. We had it on pizza Sunday night. I’m going to make up some personal size pizzas with just dough and sauce to freeze. Then I can thaw one and throw some toppings on (roasted kale and homemade meatballs!) whenever I want pizza for lunch!

After work last night I stopped at Target. They had sports bras on sale for $10 and then a Cartwheel for 50% off. $5 sports bras…sign me up! I didn’t get off work until almost 9, so by the time I got there all they had left was XS and XL. I stared at the XS and though “No way will that fit me.” I took a chance and tried it on. It fit me…like the small-would-be-too-big fit me. I called my grandma and told her I was staging a coup and was overthrowing her as president of the “Itty Bitty Titty Committee.” Mr. Neon asked me why I needed more sports bras. I told him these would be my PiYo bras. He asked me if I would need a whole PiYo wardrobe. Uh…no. At least I don’t think so. (hehehe) Just PiYo bras…less constrictive than my running bras. You girls out there understand, right? Side note: I totally ordered PiYo from my Beach Body Coach. I’m pumped. It shipped this morning! Be prepared for lots of PiYo talk!

Alright, I’m off to finish up baking bread and fold the laundry. I’ve got all three dough buckets going today. Regular breakfast bread on top, challah on the bottom left, and pizza dough on the bottom right. YUM!

And then I’ve got to get ready for a lunch/shopping date with my mama. We usually hang out once a week or so, but we haven’t had lunch since before Christmas!

Weekend Bum!

Hello Saturday! We are having a bumming it day around the Neon Runner household. Runner Boy woke me up at 1am with a very sore throat. By this morning he was running a low fever. We were able to call our teledoc service and get him some antibiotics without dragging him down to urgent care and exposing us to the flu. I’m guessing strep throat since it’s been going around his school lately.

So we are having a lazy day. Tiny Boy and I did manage to go to the grocery store. But I felt like I was shopping in SLOW MOTION. I did PiYo yesterday, followed by a 6 mile run. My whole body is sore!! I have foam rolled twice already and had Mr. Neon rub my shoulders. This runner needs to focus on crosstraining for sure!


Do you PiYo? I kind of loved it. It was basically fast yoga that got your heart rate up. LOVE IT! I’m debating buying the DVDs so I can do it at home. I’ve never been much of a home DVD workout person, but I think I could stick with PiYo on a regular basis as crosstraining / strength training.


After we got home with groceries, we had lunch, and Mr. Neon headed out to pick up his new triathlon bike shoes. I sweetly asked him if he would stop by Whole Foods on the way home because I was out of granola. He brought me back these two beauties. Cherry Vanilla heaven. I eat it like cereal with almond milk as a post run snack. Delicious.


I guess this post is about food. While Mr. Neon was gone, I whipped up a batch of the easy marinara sauce out of The Runner’s World Cookbook. He walked in the door and asked what on earth smelled so good. I take that as a good sign. It was definitely easy. Only 6 ingredients. I made some pizza dough, so that along with the double batch of meatballs I made yesterday will make some killer pizza tomorrow for dinner.

I REALLY love this cookbook. It hasn’t left my counter since my mama gave it to me for Christmas. I’ve made at least half a dozen things out of it, and every single recipe is easy, delicious, and has nutrition tailored for my runner diet.

Tiny Boy and Mr. Neon are beckoning me to come play card games with them. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

2015 GOALS!

chevron shoe

Yesterday I reviewed 2014 and how well I met those goals. Today is the day to look ahead. I gave myself a week to ruminate on the past. Now it’s all about the future.

2015 is going to be a BIG year. 15 is my lucky number. I just feel like this year has big things in store for our family. My husband and I will celebrate ten years of wedded bliss this coming summer. The boys will turn 8 and 6. And I will run a full marathon this year.

So without further ado, here’s the goals.


1. Run a full marathon. Prairie Fire…here I come! I’ve already registered for October 11th.
2. 1000 miles. I’m gonna do it this year!
3. Sub 1hour 10K. It’s gonna happen!
4. Half Marathon PR. As much as I’d love to run a sub-2hr half, I’m not sure that’s entirely feasible just yet. I at least want to PR and get as close to 2 hours as I can.
5. Focus on XTing. Swimming and biking, for sure. But I also want to figure out some kind of strength routine. I also want to take some classes from our Y. I’ve highlighted a spin class, muscle pump, and intermediate yoga to start with.


1. Less screen time. I am so guilty of just staring mindlessly at my phone. I’m not proud of it.
2. Downsize. I want to declutter our house and get rid of stuff. Stuff we don’t need. Stuff we don’t use. Be more efficient.
3. Learn about wine. Maybe even take a class?
4. Be more present with my children. This one definitely ties in with no. 1.
5. Blog. Twitter. Facebook. ALL. THINGS. RUNNING. Ha!

So there they are in black and white. Now to get to work on them. I’ll start with a 4mile run at the YMCA. On the TM. Because it’s COLD outside. Negative wind chills and all that jazz. I miss spring!

2014 – A Look Back


2014 is in the books, people. It’s over! And it was GOOD. 2014 will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first full year as a runner. I conquered lots of challenges. It was a banner year.

I ran 14 races. I wish I could say I planned that, but I didn’t.

Frosty 5K
Easter Sun Run 10K
Prairie Fire Spring Half
River Run 10K
Couple’s Classic 4mile
Firecracker 4mile
Titan 10K
Rock N Route Triathlon
Tiara Tri
Run for the Roses 1mile
Prairie Fire Fall Half
Mustache Dash 5K
Turkey Trot 2mile
Resolution Run 5K

One 1mile. One 2mile. Three 5Ks. Two 4miles. Three 10Ks. Two half marathons. Two sprint triathlons.

I PR’ed at every distance. My current PRs are…

1mile 8:10
5K 27:19
10K 1:01:24
Half Marathon 2:13:25

I ran a total of 766 miles give or take a bit. I need to keep better track. Daily Mile does a decent job, but it rounds up. I haven’t gotten my year end report from them yet, so I might update this once I know my true number.

I went back to my old blog and found my list of 2014 goals. I was surprised at what they were and how I did. You can look at the link here.

I made running goals and non-running goals, so let’s check out the running ones first.

  1. Run 1,000 miles.
    Nope…didn’t quite make it. But I more than doubled my 2013 mileage, so I’ll take it!
  2. Run two 10Ks and two half marathons.
    DONE! I ran three 10Ks and absolutely fell in love with the distance!
  3. One indoor and one outdoor triathlon.
    I didn’t do an indoor triathlon, but I did do two outside, one of which was done in a pool. I call that a HUGE win!
  4. Bike 500 miles.
    Not even close. I don’t think I even did 200 miles, but I did bike A LOT more than previous years. I love my road bike.
  5. Continue the hunt for the sub-30 min 5K PR.
    I blew this one out of the water and PR’ed by over 3 minutes!

And now for the non-running ones…

  1. Be happy with what I’ve got. I have enough stuff.
    I think I did better here. I hope. I’ve got a big goal in 2015 to downsize our stuff. We are so close to buying a bigger home and I’d like it to be much less cluttered than this one!
  2. Try new foods. Quinoa and spaghetti squash are both high on my list.
    I didn’t try spaghetti squash, but I did fall in love with quinoa, couscous, raw tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.
  3. Read 75 books. I fell 5 books short last year.
    I only read 66. Oh well.
  4. Become a LunaPads Ambassador.
    I gave up on this one. I don’t have nearly enough time between the husband, the kids, the house, the job, and the running.
  5. Get a puppy…maybe.
    This one made me laugh. I forgot I put it on here. I don’t even think I was that serious about it. But we did get a puppy! He’s definitely one of the best things to happen to our family in 2014. He is a much loved member of the family.


I’ve got big plans for 2015, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read that!!