Hard on Myself

Mr. Neon is down for the count. Poor guy is dealing with some wicked plantar fasciitis. It sucks. He’s tough and  stubborn, so it’s hard for him to give up running to rest and heal. I think he’s finally decided to take some time off from running. He LOVES his bike and has really been swimming well, so hopefully he’ll be able to throw himself into those things and keep himself in good cardio shape for our upcoming races. I even told him I would try pool running with him.

In a weird, backwards way, his injury is affecting my running. I feel guilty getting to run when he can’t without pain. I miss him on my long runs. I used to think I liked to do them on my own, but I miss doing them together.

I felt like I had a lame week of running. Mr. Neon insists I’m being hard on myself. I think he’s right. I have come very far. 13 miles used to be my race distance, not a regular weekly training distance. And a 24 mile week was a challenge and now it’s just run of the mill usual.


Tuesday: 5miles. 1mi WU. 3×1 Tempo (9:10, 8:59, 8:59). 1mi CD

Wednesday: 6miles. It was supposed to be NS (2,2,2), but I wasn’t feeling fast, so I just did a steady run at a 10:12 pace.

Friday: 13 miles. I was supposed to do 14, but I bailed on the last one. It was an overall pace of 10:18. Nothing to balk at, considering my last half marathon was at a 10:11 pace. But I felt like I could have done more.

So what was missing? I racked my brain during my long run.

Uh…PiYo. Yeah…I didn’t do a single PiYo workout last week. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Why didn’t I do PiYo? I don’t know. I was a bit busier than normal. But I’m making no excuses. It was supposed to be my last week of the 8 week program. So I won’t be taking after pictures just yet.

Now that the initial 8 weeks is over I will be continuing PiYo, but I will be mixing it up on my own. I know which workouts will fit in with my training plan.

Note to self: cross training is important. It might seem crazy to do MORE workouts to make running better and easier, but the last 8 weeks have proved that to be very true.

This week…MORE PIYO!


Picture Post!


I found new 7-inch compression shorts! Old Navy! There is something magic about 7-inch compression. They sit just right on my thighs so they don’t budge. They are long enough to prevent any chafing issues. And since these are made by Old Navy, they aren’t plain old black! I also got the obnoxious purple, blue, and teal ones.


I wore these awesome shorts during this awesome, perfectly executed tempo run. And then I didn’t wear them and had a less spectacular six-mile run yesterday. Is this related? Maybe. Probably not.

After my tempo run on Tuesday, I overdid it with the cooking, which was probably the real reason behind the sluggish Wednesday run. I made homemade English muffins.


These rock my world. I use the Bran-enriched dough out of The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook. They are wonderful with butter, peanut butter, or as a sandwich with egg and bacon or sausage. Or bacon AND sausage.


I grilled some chicken breasts that needed to get used as well. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture. Seasoning salt is my favorite thing in the world.

I also made banana bread and brownies that I didn’t take a picture of.

My legs were so restless from all the cooking that I had to give this stuff a try at bedtime. It didn’t knock me out, but it did make me sleepy and I had a more restful night sleep. I need to give it a try when I’m not as tired.


I went to the grocery store on Tuesday too. Yeah, it was a busy day. I was browsing the kitchen section looking for a burger press and found this. $11! Could you resist a tiny little French press? I couldn’t!


And yesterday I went to Starbucks and had them grind a pound of the Espresso Roast on a coarse setting. Now every time I open that cabinet, I lose myself in the deliciousness.


Isn’t it cute?! It does 12oz, so three perfect little cups. I brewed this at half strength yesterday afternoon. It was divine!

Are you a coffee drinker?

What kind of running bottoms are your favorite? Are you a compression fan or do you prefer the more traditional style shorts?

Happy Thursday!


There are six drafts currently hanging out in my blog dashboard. Two of them are long overdue race reports. Ugh. I sit down, start typing, and then get distracted by something. Laundry, the television, a child in desperate need of something, a book, the dog, hunger…

Like right now I glanced back to see what the lazy mutt was doing and realized a couple breakfast plates hadn’t been put in the sink and our wine glasses from last night were still setting there. I loaded the dishwasher and started it. But I sat back down!

So here’s a bullet list of what’s been going on.

  • My running is REALLY good lately. I’ve only been running 3 days a week, but I’ve been doing PiYo 4-6 days a week. I seem to have found my niche in running and strength training. I’m averaging over 20 miles per week now and I’m on track to finish 1000 miles in 2015 and probably go over.
  • Life is GOOD. The boys are good. Mr. Neon is good, despite dealing with a little plantar fasciitis. Boo. But other than that, life is smooth sailing!
  • We are thinking of getting rid of our Keurig and going back to our drip machine and our French press. I have guilt about not recycling nearly as much as we should.
  • We got Ooma for our home phone after realizing our landline was costing us $60 a month. $60! GEEZ!
  • I made a vow to not buying any new running clothes (not including socks or shoes) until after the marathon. If I can’t stick to it, I am not allowed to race the Tiara Tri next year. Big motivation because outside of half marathons, Tiara Tri is my favorite race of the year.
  • The boys started Flying Angels XC practice last Saturday. It was Tiny Boy’s first actual practice with the team. He did really well. He did learn that nutrition is a big part of running though. He’s been eating so much better since then. He usually leaves a few bites of whatever meal he is eating, but now he’s finishing everything and asking for fruit or yogurt for dessert. I love when my kids make good choices like that. Runner Boy is a bit discouraged because he lost some fitness over the winter. I think he’ll be back running 7 and 8 min miles in no time.
  • Spring has finally started to arrive. The forecast is in the 60s and 70s ALL WEEK. I really hope the warming trend is here to stay and no more cold days. Spring and fall running is my favorite! And I’m ready for my tan to return.

I think that catches you up. I’ll work on a couple of those drafts, especially the one about Vega. Seriously life changing. Happy Tuesday!