Overnight Oats Obsessed

I used to eat peanut butter toast every single morning. But then Dillons stopped making English Muffin Bread. It was a sad day in the Neon Runner house. Ever since then, I’ve just eaten whatever. Sometimes Nuttzo and preserves on a homemade English muffin or Dave’s Killer Bread. Sometimes a hard boiled egg and toast. Sometimes a Vega One smoothie. Sometimes blueberry toaster waffles and peanut butter.

My latest obsession is overnight oats, which I mentioned the other day. I gave the recipe, but here’s the actual ingredients I use. Stir 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup milk, 1 Tbsp chia, and 1 Tbsp maple syrup together in a lidded container. Top with a handful of raspberries. Chill overnight.


That wasn’t enough raspberries and I had to get out the other container. I REALLY like raspberries.


The end result. I add the Nuttzo in the morning. I just love this stuff. It’s perfectly chilled for a summer breakfast, the texture is awesome, and I feel really good all morning after eating it. It fills you up too.


This view never gets old. Mr. Neon joined me this morning, but he didn’t want his picture taken. Adirondack morning with my guy…perfect way to start the day.

I had a 40 minute bike this morning. It was supposed to be just a Z1/Z2 HR easy ride. Initially I was going to do my normal aero training intervals, but then I just decided to keep myself comfortable. When my quads started burning, I knocked it down to a lower gear for a minute. When my triceps and shoulders got tired of aero, I came out of it for a minute or two. I didn’t stare at my watch…and guess what…the ride was over before I knew it and the whole thing felt much more natural and relaxed. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel about the bike the way that I feel about the run, but I’m getting there.

It sounds like a Tiny Boy or a Runner Boy is up and ready to start their morning tempo run. I better go supervise and get myself ready for the day. Stay neon, friends!


Going Paperless


Dave’s Killer Bread, Nuttzo, Fruit and Honey Strawberry, and this view. Good morning! I also added 5 minutes to my usual Tuesday foundation run. Boom…take that Tuesday.

So, has anyone else gone paperless? I don’t know why but that word makes me giggle. I resisted paperless bank statements for a while, until I realized that I do nothing with them but file them away. I got a notice from Verizon the other day that we would automatically be switched paperless unless we contacted them and let them know we wanted our paper bills. Some companies are even charging now for paper billing. So I guess I’ll just switch all our bills to paperless. I finally gave up my paper planner two years ago. I still have one at work, but it annoys me. I stopped taking paper notes a while ago. Initially I used Evernote, but the constant bombardment about signing up for one of the subscription plans caused me to look elsewhere. I finally settled on Keep from Google. Now all my stuff is in one place with one sign-in. I also took a big step yesterday and put my training plan into a calendar. No more carrying around my training binder, which means I can use my cute purses again and not my bigger, bulkier (but equally cute) tote bags.

Speaking of training plans, I made a somewhat big decision yesterday. I am going to step down to the level one half marathon plan in the 80/20 book starting the last week of August. Right now I’m on an Olympic distance triathlon training plan and will pick up week 9 of the half marathon training plan after Tiara Tri. Before this whole hip garbage started, I was going to use level 2, but my gut is telling me to stick with level 1. There’s still going to be plenty of speedwork, just a lower weekly mileage and more opportunities for XTing. It does make me a little nervous that my longest run will be 12 miles before Prairie Fire, but I need to let that go. Sub-2 is a long shot at this point. I just need to keep building my base and rehabbing my hip. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Thanks, Dory.

Stay neon!

Never Miss a Monday


When I was following Train Like a Mother and Run Less, Run Faster, I always had a Monday workout. I also used to have Sunday rest days. 80/20, however, has Monday rest days and long workouts on both Saturday and Sunday, at least for the triathlon plans. I’m kind of liking it. But tonight, I plan on doing 20 minutes of yoga, my PT exercises, and I also signed up for this 30 day challenge, which I haven’t started yet. I’ve been following James Dunne on Twitter for several months now and really enjoy his exercise videos. A lot of them have helped with my hip rehab.

I meant to lead with this, but all the #nevermissamonday posts on Facebook distracted me. I GOT ALL MY SCHEDULED WORKOUTS DONE THIS WEEK! Oh yeah! My distance total was 31.69. It feels really good to get back over that 30 mile hump. Sunday ended the base building phase of my training, and now I’m getting into the meat of it. This means that instead of 30-35 minute workouts, I’ll have 40-45 minute. Those extra ten minutes can make a big difference in my mornings. The goal this week is to get to bed a bit earlier and to actually get up when the 5am alarm goes off.

Mr. Neon and I had fun yesterday at the Just Tri. Derby Youth Triathlon. I’m so glad that our friend, Sarah, took a chance and was a first time race director for this event. She assigned us to transition, and we had a blast. I noticed that she put most of the triathlete volunteers in transition. We were able to help the kids go through the paces of getting on their bike from the swim and also getting their bike back and getting out on the run. Some of those kids had impressive times. I counted three flying squirrel mounts…all from mini racers (age 7-10). I can’t wait to see where Sarah goes with it next year. It was an incredibly successful inaugural event!

Do you volunteer at races? I try to do one per year.

Do you never miss a Monday? Do you take rest days?

Stay neon!

New Goodies to Try

I am back in my beloved blue adirondack chair this morning! I’m enjoying this early morning blogging situation I’ve got going on. Usually I just sit in front of the TV drinking my coffee. This is much better. Sitting outside, listening to nature, watching the sun come up the rest of the way. Yep…good stuff.

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I actually laid back down for about 5 minutes before convincing myself that there was no other time in the day that I was going to get my workout done. I needed to get up…NOW. Does anyone else struggle through the first couple weeks of training? It takes me a good month sometimes to get back into a good routine.

I’m not sure how, between a massage and nearly an hour of preschool yoga yesterday, but my run this morning was tight. It was hard to get my body to relax into the stride. I told Mr. Neon on Monday that I really need to make an effort to run outside at least once per week. I’m a little too attached to my treadmill…I know, I know…you all think I’m crazy. But it’s easy. It sets my pace for me. It’s right there in my house. And it’s air conditioned!

Side note: There’s a quail somewhere REALLY close. I love their little “bob-white” whistle.


Another Amazon package arrived yesterday. I use Amazon like normal people use Walmart. Sarah from Another Mother Runner used these after Boston, and I have wanted to try them ever since she sang their praises on their podcast. They are an add-on item though, so I had to wait until I found enough other stuff to load into my cart. I’ll let you know how they work. I’m going to swap them out for my usual ibuprofen today. I’m hoping they will help Mr. Neon with some of his cramping and soreness after his upcoming long rides and runs.


Mr. Neon and I are constantly saying to one another that we wished we stretched more. After reading Scott Jurek’s book, we got a copy of Wharton’s stretch book, and I really need to find time to sit down and read it. I’ve also heard really great things about this DVD. Worth a shot. A little yoga goes a long way!

Time for some more porch sittin’, some coffee drinkin’, and then some gettin’ ready for work. Stay neon!

5 a.m.

One of these days I will be able to get up at 5 a.m. and be working out before 5:30 a.m. This morning, Mr. Neon emerged from the bedroom and found me fiddling with my bike shoes.

Mr. Neon: How was your bike?
Me: Uh…I haven’t done it yet.
Mr. Neon: I thought you were getting up at 5 a.m.
Me: I woke up at 5, but I didn’t get out of bed until 5:15. I had to load the coffee pot, poop, and get dressed.
Mr. Neon: Wake me back up when you’re done.

Summer training….


I’m too lazy to clean the pot out and load it the night before, so I just do it in the morning. Nothing beats the smell of coffee wafting through the house at the end of my workout. It definitely encourages me to finish the cool down and get to the coffee! We didn’t use to have an automatic coffee pot. What were we thinking?!


This other small appliance is my friend today. The A/C is out at work. Blah. Parts of the building are at 80. The thermostat closest to me is reading 79.0. It’s at least 3 degrees cooler in our office. Hopefully they can get it fixed soon. It’s going to get uncomfortable in here fast. My car said it was 99 when I left to go get some lunch at noon. Darn Kansas!

I’m getting a massage after work tonight. I’m pretty excited. Mr. Neon has been going to this guy once a month for nearly a year now. He won a year’s worth of massages…lucky dog. Well now, we are sponsored by him! Elite Fitness Massage is awesome. It’s hard for me to take time out of my schedule to get a massage, but I need to stop feeling guilty and make the time. Massages aid recovery so much and with my training starting back up, I need to focus on recovery, as well as continuing to rehab my hip. If you live in the Wichita area, you definitely need to check Nate out. You can schedule online, which is crazy convenient if you barely have time to text let alone make phone calls like me. I put a link to his website over on the right hand side. And don’t forget to tell him that Neon Runner Girl sent you!

Stay neon!!


6:30 a.m. Randomness



This is my current view. I’m sitting in my birthday adirondack chair sipping my coffee and eating overnight oats. Perfection.

Side note: Overnight oats are the bomb. Here’s my custom brew: 1/3 cup oats (Bob’s Red Mill thick rolled oats are my fave!), 1/3 cup almond milk, 1 Tbsp chia, 1 Tbsp maple syrup, 1 Tbsp Nuttzo, HUGE handful of raspberries. YUM!

I guess it’s official. I’m back training. I did 29 miles two weeks ago and 28 miles last week. No not all running…remember…I’m a triathlete now, so my training miles include swimming, biking, AND running. I’m on an Olympic triathlon plan until the end of August when I’ll pick up the back half of a half marathon training plan. I’m still using 80/20 running. Thank you, Matt Fitzgerald. You are a genius.

So how is the hip? It still hurts. Every day. But it’s more manageable. It doesn’t hurt while I’m running. I’m still doing PT exercises 2-3 days per week. The shoe change has eliminated the ITBS in my left knee, which makes the hip pain even more manageable. I keep telling myself that eventually I’ll get strong enough that my hip just won’t hurt anymore. Some day…


Mr. Neon and I were sitting at the dinner table last night finishing our wine when he pulled out “the training plan.” He realized how many pages he had left vs. how many pages were done. His face was pretty priceless. I’m proud of this guy. He’s gonna be an Ironman in 6.5 weeks. Wow.


About an hour after dinner (dishes done, kitchen clean, wine consumed), Tiny Boy comes up to me and asks if there is any more broccoli. After he picked me up off the floor from fainting due to shock, I told him no, but I could make him some more. So I did…and he ate it…ALL OF IT. This kid lives on PBJ, chicken nuggets, pizza, and strawberries. Just keep trying parents…eventually your kids will pick up on your good habits.

Alright…time to wash the sweat off and get into some librarian clothes. Stay neon!!

El Dorado Tri Race Report

Hey! So I did a triathlon this past Sunday. I didn’t drown. I didn’t fall over on the bike turn arounds. And I didn’t have any hip or knee pain on the run. WIN WIN WIN!

Before: Mr. Neon and I got up WAY TOO EARLY. Coffee, waffles with PB, and double check all the gear. We roused the boys right before we left and started the 50ish minute drive to the state park. We made a pit stop halfway at McDonalds so I could have one more nervous bathroom stop and the boys could get breakfast. Poor Mr. Neon had missed out on the last two McDs breakfast runs, and he was jonesing for a Egg McMuffin BAD.

We got there about 45 minutes after transition open. I wasn’t in a hurry since I was just doing the sprint and started 30 minutes after the athletes doing the oly distance. I realized shortly after getting my bike on the rack that I had forgotten our bike pump. I borrowed one and proceeded to break off both of my bike valve stems. I started panicking just a little bit. (Understatement!) Mr. Neon assured me it would be fine. And then we saw our saving grace. One of the local bike shops was setting up a tent. She changed out both of my tubes! Thank goodness for Ruth from Bicycle Pedaler!

Swim: Right before the oly athletes were ready to line up the race director announced that the ten lifeguards hadn’t shown up. I’ve been swimming since I was six years old, so I wasn’t worried. But it must have put a bug in my brain. I could not get my stroke settled. I felt heavy in the water. I dog paddled for a bit, trying to catch my breath. The first buoy seemed SO. FAR. AWAY. Finally I flipped onto my back and just took some deep breaths. After I made the turn at the buoy, everything relaxed and I was able to freestyle all the way to the second buoy. I got tired on the home stretch and ended up doing breast stroke for a good portion, but I made it back to the beach.
15:05 (2:01 pace) – I wanted to be at 2:00, so I’m happy with this time. But I’m ready to make progress on the swim.

T1: I jogged my way up the path, mentally prepping myself for everything I would need to do. Socks, shoes, helmet. I brushed as much of the sand off my feet as I could. I knew if I didn’t take the time, it would rub and chafe. I got everything settled and headed off for the bike.
1:57 – I’m always happy with anything under 2:00 for T1.

Bike: It felt so good to be doing something other than swimming. I FINALLY remembered to get my watch set to bike, so I actually had data running for once. I kept glancing down and seeing 17. Hmmm….I hope I’m not pushing it too hard. I never felt like I was, but my time did slow a bit near the end when the day started to heat up. The worst part of the bike was the three turn arounds. I do not corner well so I really had to slow down, especially on the last tight one. And the last hill was a witch with a capital B. I had to shift into my front little ring and was still barely going 6mph.
47:52 (15.5mph) – I was really hoping for 16mph. But I was on my road bike. Poor Rose is continuing to have issues. I need a new saddle and some other minor adjustments.

T2: I racked my bike, dumped my helmet, and grabbed my race belt and GU chews. Mr. Neon yelled at me to grab my rocket fuel and chug the rest of it and throw the bottle at him. So I did.
0:32 – WOOHOO!

Run: Lead legs. I felt like I was running through quick sand. I finally got them loosened up about a half mile into it. Right before the turn around, my pace slowed to 11+ minute miles. It was getting hot. I grabbed two cups of water at the aid station, drank one, and dumped the other on my head. Everyone I passed just looked tanked. I slowly ate my chews and just kept moving forward. I turned onto the bridge before the finish and heard Mr. Neon, Runner Boy and Tiny Boy yelling my name. I couldn’t help but break into a smile.
31:42 (10:14 pace) – I was hoping for an under 10 pace, but it was much hotter than I was expecting.

Total time: 1:37:08

I definitely have a starting point now. I feel like my bursitis recovery is continuing in a positive direction. I can only get faster from here on out. I’ve been able to add a tiny bit of speed work back in on both the bike and the run and I’m officially back on a training plan!