Transformation Thursday

I know, I know. It’s supposed to be Transformation Tuesday. Poor Thursday never gets any alliteration love, so I’m giving him some!

I applied to grad school yesterday. I submitted the main application and paid my fee. Woah…big girl panties activated! Then I realized I had to submit an unofficial transcript first, before I started submitting the supplemental library school required materials. I’m about 99% sure I had the free first copy at home with my diploma. Surely 2006 Neon Runner Girl (Who are we kidding…that girl’s name was just Hannah…she wasn’t Runner Girl YET!) would be smart like 2017 Neon Runner Girl and would put the transcript copy WITH the diploma on the book shelf in the office. That would make sense, right? My mom informed me this morning that she has hers in a file folder labeled “Transcripts.” Good one, Mom. Good one.

Well…that transcript was nowhere to be found. I looked EVERYWHERE. I’m not a pack rat and generally purge anything that is not important. We’ve moved three times since college graduation. But…would I really throw a transcript away? Mr. Neon claims he doesn’t think we got the free one that they give you in the short period after graduation. But we still lived in the college town for two months after graduation, and I remember going to the registrar office and getting mine!

Whatever…where was I going with this? Oh right…I didn’t find the transcript, but I found this…


I’ll give myself a little bit of credit, because this was a mere three months postpartum with Runner Boy. BUT…this also was probably 10lbs less than my highest weight.

I don’t recognize that person. And thankfully I am now almost 10 years removed from that body. I don’t really remember how it felt, how it looked. The only overwhelming feeling I get when I see pictures like this is discomfort. Every year that passes, the body dysmorphic disorder fades a bit.


This girl looks a lot happier. Granted the girl above had just flown from Kansas to New York with a three-month-old and had spit up all over her shirt!

All it takes is small changes over a long period of time. You can do it. The weight will come off. The clothes will get smaller. The smile will get brighter. And you will feel so much better.

If I can do it, you can do it. Cliche, but true!

Stay neon!


Vicious Cycle

I’m not running because I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good because I’m not running.

I’m short on patience with Runner Boy and Tiny Boy because I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good because I’m short on patience with Runner Boy and Tiny Boy.

I’m not sleeping well because I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good because I’m not sleeping well.

I’m whining and making Mr. Neon crazy because I don’t feel good. I don’t feel because I’m whining and making Mr. Neon crazy.

I’m not blogging because I don’t feel good. I don’t feel good because I’m not blogging.

Sinus infections suck. My sensitive tummy doesn’t like antibiotics.

(Yes, I realize how utterly depressing this post is. I’m not even going to try and brighten it up with a cute puppy picture. Because I don’t feel good and I don’t want to waste the energy uploading one.)


Hello, 2017!


Let’s do some goal setting!!

Running/Tri/Fitness Goals:
1. Swim/Bike/Run the year. 2017 miles.
That’s A LOT. Almost twice what I’ve ever been able to do before. But if I can stay injury free and triathlon train the entire year, I should be able to do it. Of course, Garmin changed their goals and you can’t choose more than one kind of activity. I’ll have to track it manually. I’m working on finding an online tracker that I can post on the blog, but so far I haven’t found one that I find aesthetically pleasing. (I love that description.)

2. 400 Hours
400 hours of training!! I’m working by way through The Triathlete’s Training Bible that I found on our bookshelf. Mr. Neon must have gotten it in the early days of his transformation to Ironman. It suggested 400 hours of training for a Sprint/Olympic training year. Whew. That’s A LOT. I only did 100+ last year and 150 the year before when I trained for a MARATHON. I might die…but let’s hope not. I just did the math and 400 hours is only 4.5% of my year. When you put it that way, it sounds totally doable!

3. First long course triathlon.
I signed up for Tinman long course in June. It’s not a true Olympic. 1000m swim. 19mile bike. 7mile run. A little shorter swim and bike should give me the confidence to go for a true Olympic distance tri in the future.

4. Sub 2-hour half.
Eventually it’ll happen.

5. Stay injury free.
2016 sucked. 2017 will be better, because I’m stronger and I know how to keep myself feeling good. Stretch. Foam Roll. Strength Train. Physical Therapy. Massage. Chiropractor on speed dial.

Life Goals:
1. Meditate
100 day streak. That’s the goal. That gives me 3 chances as long as I get going soon. I need to find the best time of day to do it.

2. More intimacy with my husband.
Vague. Sorry. This blog is mostly PG or PG-13.

3. Get more sleep. Get better sleep.
My sleep trend for the last 2-3 months does not look good. I need to get into a better routine. I also need to work on putting my phone down much earlier in the evening. And drink tea in the evenings. Oh how I love tea!

4. Bake bread more often.
Artisan Bread in Five habits need to return. I used to always have dough in the fridge. Working with dough is a stress relief.

5. Meal plan and try new recipes.
I used to be so good at this, but my system changed when I went to work full time. I need to get a new system!

2016: The Last Revisit

2016…meh. That’s all I got. It seems like we all had a crummy year.

However, there was good!

The good:
1. Mr. Neon became an Ironman. (Marriage to Mr. Neon. Birth of Runner Boy. Birth of Tiny Boy. Ironman. List of most awesome events that happened in my life…in order of importance, of course.)
2. 10K PR. Half marathon PR. 5K PR. What?! Oh yes…despite me seeing 2016 as a less than stellar running year, I still managed to set a new PR at every distance!
3. Merry. (Just a taste. She’s got her own post coming.)


2016 Goals revisit:

Running/Fitness Goals:
1. Run a sub-2hour half marathon.
Nope, it didn’t happen…again.
2. Run 1000 miles.
Third times a charm, right? Turn out…NOPE, IT’S NOT!
3. Four summer triathlons.
Yes! This one did happen. I almost did five, but Ironman Boulder hangover got the best of me and I skipped Salty Dog.
4. Abs and strength training.
I did quite a bit of PiYo, and all those hours of PT must cost for something.
5. Food is fuel.
Yep, I did pretty well here too. I need to work on cutting out some of the sweets, but going 75% vegan is doing wonders for how I feel!

Life Goals:
1. Relax. Destress. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Did I do this? Ask Mr. Neon. I probably did let more of the little stuff slide by, but stress still gets to me.
2. Meditate.
This was a fail. Headspace did not get used as much as it should have. I got another year, but it’s already day 10 and I’ve used it ONCE!
3. Do one thing fun as a family per month that doesn’t involve running.
Does Pokemon Go count? Then YES!
4. Money
We made progress, but more can be made.
5. Catch up on all the little projects.
Well…I did clean up certain parts of the house. Decluttered some of the neglected storage areas of the house where junk tends to collect. But I think this is a neverending goal that will never be completely checked off my list, so it will not be included in any future goals.

Peace out, 2016! Let’s hope 2017 is kinder and gentler to all of us. Stay neon!