Excuse Me

Note: I started writing this post on Monday with the intention of posting it on Monday. So let’s pretend you are all reading this on Monday.

Excuse me for a second as I relive yesterday over and over again.

Daylight Savings Times was a bust for us. We had to get up early to head to Regionals XC for Runner Boy and Tiny Boy. We could have gone to bed at our normal time and got that extra hour of sleep. Instead, we stayed up late catching up on the DVR and playing games on our phones.

On the way up to Garnett, KS, I was able to get bits and pieces of the NYC Marathon streaming on the ESPN app. I was tracking the leaders and then would hop on when it looked like something exciting was happening.


Oh man…all the feels. Beth from Shut Up and Run said it best with “Did anyone else turn into one giant crying goose bump as she ran into the finish?” YES!

And then we watched the dudes finish. I really thought Kipsang was going to catch the young gun, Kamworor, but he didn’t. And then Meb came through. Oh Meb. Thank you for all you’ve done for the rest of us average human runners. For every ounce of inspiration you’ve given us. Enjoy your retirement.

And just when I thought I had filled my running inspiration tank for the day, my two little bubs toed the line of their own races.

They had talked through the race with Mr. Neon, aka Dad Coach, and had set their goals. They have put in the time this year and have both made steady progress. The weather was good, and they knew the course. They were ready!

Tiny Boy ran an impressive 8:54 2K (7:09 pace). A full 20 seconds faster than his race two weeks ago. It was his first time breaking 9 minutes. I told him later that he only needs to run 14 seconds faster to beat his brother’s 2K PR and break 7:00 pace. He told me, “Done.”

Runner Boy took off like a bolt of lightning. We’ve really been working on him getting out front in races. He struggles to push himself in the beginning and then can’t get up to speed fast enough to break into the lead pack. I saw him at the half way point and he was running 4th. I was shocked. I just yelled, “John, do you realize what you are doing? You are running fourth! Keep it up!”

And then I caught him at the finish line. Literally. I love to catch him at the finish line. He’s spent. He wants me and needs me to hold him up. He held on to 4th and ran an incredible 11:58 3K (6:25 pace). It was his first time breaking 12 minutes and was nearly a full minute faster than his time last year. He hugged me and said, “You are the best parents in the world.” He gives all his success right back to us and thanks us for pushing him and bringing him to races. What a kid.

Tiny Boy was 13th (9th 8yo) and Runner Boy was 4th (2nd 10yo).

Needless to say, Mr. Neon and I are proud as punch, busting buttons, and all those other cliched things you say when you are REALLY REALLY REALLY proud of your kids.

And now we head to Nationals next week. I can’t wait.

Also…is anyone else obsessed with comparing side-by-side of your kids as they grow?

Look how long his legs have gotten!

Check out the muscle development on Tiny Boy! I have a theory that magical things happen for little runners between 7 and 8 and again between 9 and 10.

Stay neon!


Let’s Catch Up

I wrote that title into a draft over a week ago. What happened?

Life. Is. Busy. I’m so tired of making that excuse, but there it is. Wife. Mom. Librarian. Grad student. Runner. All those titles pile up on top of me. Don’t get me wrong…I like to be busy, but lately it feels like I’m just a walking to do list with little room left for anything else.

It’s also starting to get cold, and I definitely tend to get winter depression syndrome. It just seems to be happening really early this year.

So what’s been going on…

I PR’d everything in a 6 day period.

The asterick is because I unofficially PR’d my 10K during my sub-2 half marathon attempt at Prairie Fire. I won’t count it in my PR list, but it exists in my head.

Mr. Neon and I were again selected to be on the BASE Performance team. New kits…pink and turquoise! I’m super excited. We’ve started tentatively planning out our 2018 season. I’m still planning on sticking to a lower number of races and working on building my speed for another sub-2 half marathon attempt next fall.

I survived back-to-back class weekends, and now we have XC regionals and nationals to look forward to. Never a dull moment around the Neon Runner house.

I’ve decided to set a few goals for November:

  1. 10,000 steps every day. I sit more and more at work. I started a maintenance 10K finish it plan, and I only run 4-5 days a week. I think I’ll be spending some time walking on my treadmill in the evenings after dinner.
  2. No more excuses. I like to make excuses for everything. And I need to stop. No more negative Nancy.
  3. Get the snacking under control and eliminate dinner #2. I have a goal weight in mind and it’s going to take some more.

That’s all from me today! Stay neon!