He Calls Me Coach

Mr. Neon and I are self-coached. We have read a lot of articles on the internet and lots of books. We have talked to lots of other more seasoned runners and triathletes. Would we like to hire a coach? Sometimes we think about, but we both feel like we are doing a good job coaching ourselves and making progress.

I write the training plans. I figure the paces. He calls me Coach. And I find that sort of really sexy. He trusts me. And I trust him. He’s my training partner in life and in triathlon. It sounds corny, but I dig it. Couples who struggle complain that they drifted apart. It’s pretty darn hard to drift apart when you are both training for the same race.

I use Google Sheets to create our training plans and pace charts, so they are easy to share and reference on the go. We both have the app on our phone and can access them from any computer too.

Moving on…

I got up before 5 to get 6 miles in before work. Whew. This training plan doesn’t mess around. Looking ahead, it looks like I’ll be getting up before 5 most Tuesday mornings. But it’ll be worth it. I feel stronger, fitter, and ready for this race and I’ve still got six more weeks of training!

I’ve got a massage to look forward to after work. Poor therapist has his work cut out for him. My quads and hamstrings are SORE. My upper back is sore from all the swimming.

This week alone I did 60 miles. 6.5 hours. 10 miles more than any previous week. And it didn’t feel like a huge increase. Now, let’s hope I can keep it up and not get injured.

Stay neon!

Part Two

Part two of the training plan started yesterday. It’s already a good training week. Can you feel the shift in fitness? The easier paces get a bit quicker. Your verage HR dips a little bit. Your RHR creeps back down into the 40s.

Yep, I’m there. And it feels pretty good.

Part two of long course triathlon training comes from this book.

The challenge is going to be the swims. The level two plan I’m using just calls for two swims (and one extra optional swim) each week. I HAVE TO GET TO THE POOL TWO TIMES A WEEK. I HAVE TO! I just can’t find a groove in the water. Someone suggested a waterproof iPod.

Mr. Neon raced his first indoor/outdoor triathlon of the season over the weekend. I love being his sherpa, although as I watched him go out for the run, I had a bit of race envy. I should have signed up. Next year I can sign up for Spring Migration with a student discount. Score!

This morning before work I managed to work on his next round of training plan. He’s doing a half-iron distance race in September and hoping for a big PR. I love playing coach. I pulled out all my books and figured his run paces. I really enjoy living the tri life with Mr. Neon. Spouse + training partner + coach = LOVE.

Do you train with your spouse? Do you write your own training plans, use a coach, or just wing it?

Stay neon!


If I had a penny for every “How’s your mom?” I could cure cancer. The flow of love, support, and offers for help have been amazing. Mom gets weepy daily thinking of all the people who love her and are thinking of her. She’s doing ok though. Chemo sucks. I went with her on Monday. It’s hard to watch, let alone go through it. She feels awful a lot of the time, especially the week of chemo. But she’s a fighter and she’s doing very well despite all the crud she’s had to go through in the last two months. I love her. She’s my hero.

Now…happier things. A picture post. Things I send to her to make her smile.

Seven dozen donuts does not turn on the passenger airbag. Just in case you were wondering. It’s donut week at the library. We had donut storytime the last two days, and then we enjoyed donuts with the kiddos. I love my job!

I was sitting on the floor of the kitchen last night waiting for dinner to cook, checking Instagram, etc. Merry just walked under my legs and sat halfway underneath me. Such a lover girl.

Dinner. We made steak tacos last night for Taco Tuesday. Get the diced beef from the meat section of the store. It’s the leftover trimmings from when they cut steaks. It doesn’t cost much more than good ground beef, and it’s a nice change up. I just sear it in a skillet and add my normal taco spices and tomatillo salsa and let it simmer for a bit. My boys LOVE it!

I hadn’t done a fast finish run in a while. This training plan consists of mostly foundation runs, a few intervals, and lots of tempo runs. It was nice to do a little progression. I’m starting to see a tiny bit of progress with my paces. And still no pain or injury! 2017 might be my year!

Merry and her boy. He was eating breakfast and she was just chilling next to him. I’m sure she’d try to grab some of his food if she really wanted to. I like to think that she just wants to sit next to him. She’s the most social little animal.

Happy Wednesday! Stay neon!

Sweat dripping from my elbows

Mr. Neon walked into the office / treadmill room this morning and said, “Hey, you are really stinking up the place. Look! You are even sweating. It’s dripping from your elbows!”

I rolled my eyes and said, “Tempo runs will do that to you.”

He said, “I wasn’t complaining. I like it!”

He sweats buckets. I don’t. He frequently complains that I go through one towel on bike trainer rides while he goes through half a dozen. I guess he was impressed to see his Neon Runner Girl sweating up a storm before the sun came up.

Despite battling a strange stomach bug over the weekend, I appear to be back in training mode. This is good news…for the people in my life. It means I’m happier and my brain isn’t so muddled with stress, anxiety, and all those things that bring about RBF.

I got in both long workouts over the weekend. A 75minute / 15minute bike run brick on Saturday and a 9 mile long run on Sunday. I slept really hard Sunday night.

Last night I rode the trainer after work. I hate working out after work. It’s not my favorite thing. But I was determined to get my bike ride done. With Mondays being our rest day, I cannot miss Tuesday or it throws a wrench in the entire week. (Because if I miss Tuesday, I can skip out on Thursday or Friday. Harhar.)

This was my view from the trainer.

I don’t know what’s cuter. The red faced little boys who had just gotten done doing 1K repeats on our home cross country course. Or the little doggie who loves to sit next to them on the floor.

What was your workout today? Before work or after work?

Confession Time

Confession time. I’ve managed to keep this piece of information off social media, but it’s time for me to get it off my chest.

I’ve been watching April the Giraffe. For six weeks.

No, she hasn’t had her baby yet. Yes, it’s making me crazy. I don’t even want to think about the loss of productivity this has caused, not only in my life, but in the rest of the world.

I mean…my poor husband.

I send him screenshots. Like this one.


She threw hay on her back while she was laying down. And just left it there…for like half an hour. How do I know this? Because I watched her for half an hour with hay on her back, until she stood up and it fell off. I need help…I think.

My coworkers have, for the most part, embraced my obsession. I came to work one Monday and all the giraffes from the Early Literacy Area had congregated around my computer.

I mean…come on…this face. She’s like a big Merry dog. I just want to snuggle her. In my next life, I will come back as a zoologist giraffe keeper.

Are you watching April?



My mom has cancer.

(Insert all the expletives you know. I did.)

In the past month, I’ve done things, thought things, and said things I never imagined I would do, think, and say.

My greatest fear.
The rug pulled out from underneath us.
All those awful cliched phrases.

My mom has cancer. It’s in her pancreas. She’s doing chemo. Every other week for 3 months. Then retest everything. Then more chemo or cut it out. Hopefully that answers everyone’s questions.

Week one of chemo did a number on her. Nausea, exhaustion. I felt very helpless, but she reassures me I’m doing the right things to support her. I love her. I hug her. I make her smile. It’s all I can do. Because I can’t take the cancer away.

Round two is Monday. She admitted to dreading it, but she’s not as scared because now she knows what to expect.

She’s a fighter. She’s tough. She’s a mother runner. She’ll get through this. I know she will. She’s still got races left to run.

But it still sucks. It’s not fair. It’s stupid. Cancer is stupid.

Keep the positive thoughts, prayers, and good ju-ju headed our way.


I don’t run streak. I don’t do workout streaks. I’ve said this before. I need rest days.

But look at this!!!

I’m on a streak! 14 DAYS! And it’s on purpose. And I’ve been keeping it a secret. Shhh… Oops.

For the most part, it’s been relatively easy to get to 10,000 steps each day. Mondays are challenging, because…duh…rest day. Also, surprisingly Saturdays are challenging as well. I generally do long bike rides on Saturdays, so I guess it isn’t super surprising that after spinning my legs for an hour plus on my bike that I just want to sit on my butt. Last Saturday I had to walk a mile on the treadmill to make the semi-circle green (see below). I walked REALLY slow, 2.5 mph or 24:00 pace, and played games on my phone and caught up on social media.

So question: how long do I plan to keep this up? I’m not sure. The whole month of March would be cool. You know me and goals. I’m not always the greatest at hitting them or sticking with them.

Stay neon! NEON GREEN for 31 days? Maybe…