Everything Ironman

This post comes to you from Ironman 70.3 Kansas! Exciting stuff! The boys and I are going to root on Noel in tomorrow’s race. 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 run. Bring it on!

We got up to Lawrence on Thursday. Noel rode the first 20 miles of the bike course while I SAG’ed him behind in the car. Willie road too, in his thundershirt. It’s worth it’s weight in gold. He started life with us as an excellent car rider and then he just started hating the car for no reason. Shaking uncontrollably, not able to relax. Thundershirt has solved that big time as you can tell.


We spent Thursday night in the inlaws’ trailer. It was a tight squeeze but we made it work.

Friday Noel and I got an easy 2 mile run in. I’m keeping my streak alive even while away from home! We also drove the entire bike course. It’s hilly…lots of rollers. Noel is optimistic though…he likes rolling hills, flying down them and keeping enough speed to help on the next climb.


We got Noel’s packet and I got a new shirt. Yay! We got the boys cowbells too. Hopefully that isn’t a decision we regret. Haha!

We also celebrated National Donut Day. My two favorite holidays in the same week. National Running Day was Wednesday in case you missed it!


This morning we woke up to heavy rain, but thankfully it cleared off before the IronKids fun run started. The boys both “raced.” Mark ran the 1/4 mile loop. We had planned on John running the 1 mile loop with the big kids but he didn’t hear us tell him that so he took off with the 1/2 mile loop group. He was ready to run! They got medals and got to meet a couple of the pros.


The plan for the rest of the day is to hang out, sit on our butts, visit with other athletes, and gear up for the big day tomorrow.

Random side note: I’m on my fifth cup of Caribou Coffee since we got here on Thursday. Please come to Wichita, Caribou. I love you so!

I posted this from my mobile app on my phone. Hopefully the formatting is ok and the pictures aren’t too huge.


River Run 10K Race Report

February 27, 2012 – I posted a picture of my first pair of real running shoes on Facebook. A pair of Saucony Guide 4s. They were blue and white and very plain looking compared to the wild colored shoes I buy these days. I wrote on that post “10K, here I come!” I had planned to run the River Run 10K that June. I didn’t have a training plan. I didn’t know about long runs, easy runs, and speedwork. I just figured I could slowly build up my mileage and get to the 6.2. I didn’t make it. I could list a bunch of excuses as to why I didn’t, but I’ll just say I wasn’t ready. The runner in me was still dormant. She wasn’t ready to make her debut just yet.

Fast forward two years…February 2014 saw me start a training plan for a half marathon. I was ready for the distance. I had all the running knowledge. I had prettier shoes…Saucony Guide 7s in a shiny blue with hot pink accents. But that 10K still lurked in the back of my mine. I’d never raced a distance longer than 4 miles. I did manage to complete a 10K before my half…the neurotic side of me wouldn’t have had it any other way. But it wasn’t the River Run. It wasn’t the race that I had FAILED to make it to two years ago.

So this race was a big bucket list item for me. I’m a very different person than I was two years ago. I’m many pounds lighter, several pants sizes smaller. I’m stronger, because I run. I’m happier, because I run. I’m a runner.

The race was an early start…7am. I got up at 4:45 to go through my paces. PB on toasted English Muffin bread. Coffee. Bathroom. Race kit check list. I wore my neon orange Runner Girl tank. I really was Neon Runner Girl for this race!

I had to drive myself to the race because Noel and John were doing the 2 mile at 9:30 and I didn’t want them waiting around for me the entire time. It worked out for my mom to drive them in and then I took over Mark duties while they ran their race.

If you’ve read one of my race reports before, you know the drive to the race is the worst part for me. And this time, I had to do it alone. I couldn’t rock in the back seat, fighting down bile. I had to do it from the driver’s seat. It was a rough ride, but I managed to make it there. I got a good parking spot and headed to the village. I ran into a few people, chatted a bit, hit the porta potties, and then did a few dynamic warm-ups to get ready. I lined up in the middle of the pack.

This race always starts with a big cannon, which made me jump like usual. I managed to keep myself under control and not start out too fast. I knew I wasn’t going to PR due to the heat and humidity, but I told myself I would happy if I could come in under 1:05…under a 10:30 pace. I hadn’t run more than 4 miles since my half almost a month ago, so I was a bit undertrained.

I used my usual 4:1 run/walk, so I played leap frog with people until the runners spaced out. I had cotton mouth for the first two miles and the first aid station was a welcome relief. I gulped down a big cup of water, but waited until mile 3 to take in half a bag of Stinger chews in my usual cherry cola flavor. I order them by the box from Amazon now. Ha.

The first three miles were nice. There was a cool breeze and it wasn’t too hot yet. The River Fest had launched hot air balloons earlier than morning, and they were fun to watch until I reached the turn around point where we crossed the river.


Here’s the balloons above the GoRun tent. Love my running store! Photo credit: GoRun Wichita

Once we hit the turn around, I could feel the heat starting to climb. The breeze kind of died, and the sun started beating down. I kept my breathing under control to avoid any side cramps. Thankfully I didn’t have to deal with any cramping the whole race. I drank another cup of water at mile 4, but I only took a couple sips at mile 5 and dumped the rest down my back.

I just kept a steady pace, trying to stay under 10:30 until I got close to the finish. I did some quick math in my head and knew I was going to have to book it a bit once I got across the bridge. And then I realized where I was running…the finish line of the 10K was in the same spot as the finish line of the half marathon. I had a brief flash back and got a bit choked up. I was hurting big time running this same route not even a month ago.

I felt a sense of vindication and redemption as I plowed across that bridge…no foot pain, no side ache…just a good 10K finish. I had looked down at my watch and saw 1:04:20. Ack…better get the sprint legs going. I had plenty left in the tank and made it across the finish line with a smile. Official time: 1:04:55. Perfect.


It helps to know the race photographer. You can holler her name as you get close and she’ll get a perfect shot. Photo credit: Karlee from Running Connection

I headed for the water and oranges and then made my way over to the GoRun tent where I was meeting my boys and my mom. I got to chat with the store’s team members while I waited. It’s nice to be accepted even by the fasties, who I think all walked away with hardware.

I got a little queasy waiting around for the 2 mile to start, but I finally forced myself to drink some electrolyte drink and eat a few more oranges. I have decided I need to pack a recovery bag for races where I don’t go straight home after. I usually can’t eat most of the food they have…no pizza, no donuts…too much dairy. I needed a Clif bar and some salty pretzels bad!

As for my boys, they both had GREAT races. John ran his first race in his Flying Angels uniform. Noel ran with him to pace him and keep him going. It turns out John had other ideas. He came flying into the finish line at 17:20, with a HUGE grin on his face. I got over to him and asked where Daddy was. He just looked up at me and said, “I don’t know. He’s back there somewhere. I beat him!” He had told Noel he was going to beat him and he certainly lived up to that. Noel finished in 18:10…a 2 mile PR for him.


Noel’s in blue and John’s in glasses to his right. I love my running family!

RWRunStreak Week One = DONE!

Let’s play catch up since I neglected all of you over the weekend!

Monday, May 26th – 3.05 miles
Tuesday, May 27th – 3.01 miles
Wednesday, May 28th – 1.23 miles

Thursday, May 29th – 2.0 miles
I ran the XC course during John’s practice. I came to the conclusion that I might need trail shoes. My ankles were sore afterwards. I’ve got my eyes on some Brooks PureGrits. The new ones just came out, so hopefully the old ones will go on sale soon! John got his uniform at practice. He’s pretty excited to finally have one of these bad boys. They got new ones this season and they are pretty darn sweet. Very streamlined with a modern style.


I forgot to take a picture of my running outfit before we flew out of the house before practice. I wore some Old Navy bottoms that I got for $5 in their spring sale. I wore a top just like this only it was neon orange. I was obnoxious that day for sure! Here I am modeling my new hydration vest. I hope I like it more than my belt and my dreaded evil handheld. The vest is a Nathan Firecatcher. I’ll do a review once I’ve tested it out, and I definitely will with the summer Kansas is shaping up to have.

Friday, May 30th – 3.2 miles
I ran after my morning staff meeting. It was the first time I have run alone in almost a month. It was much needed. I am only 5’3″ and Noel is 6’2″. That makes for a big difference in our run cadence. It was nice to set my own pace and not have any other footfalls in my ears.

I reorganized my running bottoms drawer and found this Nike skirt that I had completely forgotten I had! I love when stuff like that happens. I took this picture after my run, so my faithful companion who misses me terribly any time I leave him for more than 30 seconds is at my feet. Love my Willie dog!

Saturday, May 31st – 6.2 miles
River Run 10K…race report coming tomorrow!

Sunday, June 1st – 1.25 miles
We headed to the pond loop and did two loops. Noel ran with John, who is now the proud owner of a race pace faster than both of his parents. I’ll fill you in on that tomorrow with my 10K report. I ran with Willie and Mark. I enjoyed their slow pace…although it wasn’t slow enough for Mark to stop the constant oral diarrhea he’s had lately. The kid talked the entire 15 minutes we were running…non-stop chatter about anything and everything. I thought second children were supposed to be quieter and more soft spoken than oldest children…not true in our case!

I made biscuits and gravy WITHOUT milk for Sunday dinner! I’m lactose intolerant, so I haven’t had this meal in over 2 years. I make my own Bisquick style mix (just flour, shortening, baking powder, and salt) and used almond milk. And for the gravy, I made it the way I always do and just subbed in almond mix as well. LOVE almond milk! My boys were thrilled to have this meal added back into rotation!

Total miles for week one – 19.94
So close to 20 miles!! Not sure I’ll make it to 20 this week because we’ll be heading to Lawrence for Noel’s half Ironman and I’m not sure how motivated I will be to run those hills…haha!

This run streak has done awesome things for my step count! This is the first time on either my FitBit or my Vivofit that I have hit my goal every single day. If I didn’t hit my goal, the days would be blue. I’m really starting to prefer my Vivofit over my Fitbit. I need to do a blog post about activity trackers and my love for them.

I hope everyone else is having a great start to their week! Keep it up, all you streakers!


Day 3. I had big plans for making a little collage of my run from yesterday, but I forgot to take a picture of my cute running buddies. I also forgot to take a screenshot of the challenge page and alas the day has advanced.

But I did my mile. 1.23 to be exact. While Noel mowed and edged the yard yesterday morning, I had John lace up his running shoes and threw Mark’s bike in the back of the car. We headed to our favorite path around the little pond near the boys’ school. Two laps around and we were done. Good thing too, because it was muggy at 10am. I thought we were supposed to have a hot, dry summer, and so far it’s been nothing but HUMID. I can handle the heat, but the humidity gets to me.

Here’s what I wore yesterday for my run. More booty shorts…purple ones! I paired it with my favorite Target top. They changed them this year, and I was bummed. I LOVE these tops and they are inexpensive too. Not that I really need anymore since I already have five hanging in my closet. I gave a bandana a try instead of my usual Bondi Band. It kept the sweat out of my eyes and has cute little blue birds on it. My Saucony Guide 7s are on their last legs. I’m going to be sad to retire these bad boys. They’ll probably be my last pair of Guides since I switched to low drop shoes.


I have a new fuel obsession. Clif bars. An ultra runner friend of ours told me that’s what he eats, so I thought I would give them a try. These are my favorite flavors!


Our grocery store has them on sale 10/$10 so I stocked up. John likes the kid ones A LOT. He’s supposed to try the Iced Oatmeal Cookie one today and let me know how it is. So far the brownie is his favorite.


I can’t wait to give them a try on a longer run. I bet I’d only need one bar for a whole half marathon since they have about 240-250 calories in them.

What fuel do you use on runs?

Are you a GU fan or do you use something else?
I currently use Stinger Energy Chews, but I’m always open to trying new things. I’ve tried two kinds of gels and they just don’t work for me. I have to have something more substantial that sits better on my tummy.


After five hours of signing kiddos up for summer reading, I was ready to RUN tonight. I told Noel this morning that we were going to track practice. Because if you say it in the morning and make a plan, you have to follow through later. Right?

Here’s what I wore. I think I’ll take a picture of my outfit for each of these 40 days of running. I love my running clothes, so I might as well showcase them!


These Nike tanks are one of my favorites. Nike Racer something or other. And I always have a good run in my trusty Under Armour 7″ compression shorts. No booty bounce in these bad boys!

So for Run Streak Day 2, I did a mishmash of speedwork. Noel and I did a half mile warm up. We then did 400s. We were supposed to split into three groups, but it ended up being one big group and one smaller group that knew better. I ran with the second group the first time and then moved up to the first group. I did 4×400, averaging right at 1:57 for all of them. Then we did a 10 minute threshold. I had wasted most of my energy on the 400s, so I didn’t go nearly as fast as I could have. I only made it about 1.1 miles. Then we did 200s. I did three in the middle group. They ended up being races among several of the runners, which was comical to say the least.

It was a great workout. I got to meet several of my Daily Mile friends. It’s so interesting when I meet local DM people. It’s like we’ve known each other for years and it’s like we’ve run together before. It’s such a neat experience. I love my running community…they really do keep me going!

I’ll probably just do an easy mile tomorrow. I have the night shift at the library, which is always crazy busy the first week of summer reading.

Land of the Free…Because of the Brave

Happy Memorial Day! I love this saying! I am so thankful for all of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom. (I borrowed this from one of my FB friends. Thanks, Jaime!)


Today I started the Runner’s World Run Streak! 1 down…39 to go! Noel and I did an easy 3 miles in the town closest to our house while the boys chased us down on their bikes. Mark only bonked Noel’s heel twice and mine once. And John only laid his bike down twice. We could take his training wheels off if he could learn how to turn.

2014-05-26 18.37.56

I ran in my new booty shorts! I LOVE them! So comfy. They did ride up a little, but they didn’t roll, just rested above my thighs and stayed there. $7 at Walmart. Not online unfortunately though, so you have to enter the dreaded Walmart for these bad boys.

I’m so self conscious about my legs, but as a former chubster, I still have body image issues. The booty shorts got two thumbs up from Noel who said my legs looked awesome in them. I think this also might have been my first actual run in my Runner Girl top that I got at the Prairie Fire expo. I want to get the safety neon green one too and have my twitter handle screen printed on the back.

2014-05-26 18.40.37

It’s an honor to be loved and adored and groped this much by this man. He’s a neon addict too. 🙂 His top is from Target. He has a hot pink one too. I’m pretty sure he has more pink in his running clothes than I do!

After our run, we got cleaned up, ate lunch, and headed into town. We hit up GoRun because they were having a sale. We can’t pass up a run store with a sale. It ended up being a win because they had marked the Saucony milestone tees 30% off. I’ve been drooling over the 13.1 one since I saw it on Another Mother Runner, but it’s hard for me to justify $35 for a running tee. $20 however…I can do!

2014-05-26 18.39.11

We also got Noel a GoRun singlet to match my purple one that I bought last summer after my first non-stop 3 mile run and I declared myself a real runner. Now we can match for the Couple’s Classic next month!

2014-05-26 18.39.41

We also made the monthly Sam’s Club trip and stocked up on chicken, broccoli, goodies for the boys’ summer food bins, and large quantities of k-cups and peanut butter. You know…the usual Sam’s Club purchases of a runner family.

What did you do today?

Who else is doing the RW Runstreak?

Sunday Sunday Sunday

No run again today. I thought about it as I was going to bed last night, but then the dog had to pee/poop three times in the night and then puked on my (extra) pillow at 5am. He also pooped in his crate while Noel was at the gym and I was at work…he must love me extra today!


I’ve decided to join the Runner’s World RunStreak! I pledged to run at least one mile every day from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. 40 days of running. BRING IT ON! I’ll be tracking it on Map My Fitness.


I made pesto today. I wanted to make pesto last week, but my fridge has weird cold spots and the spinach froze and wilted before I got to it. Now I can make a pesto chicken sandwich tomorrow for lunch with the leftovers!

Since the life hack in my last post…the water bottle holder…was so successful (two people in real life told me they are going to do it!), here’s another one for you to try.


Some moms complain about their kids fighting in the summer. Some moms complain about their kids saying “I’m bored.” I can handle both of those, but I quickly tire of “I’m hungry.” I hear that one A LOT since I have boys with two hollow legs. This is our new solution. They both get two bins, one in the fridge and one on the counter. Every morning after breakfast, I fill it with all of the food they can eat between breakfast and dinner. All their snacks and their lunch comes out of the bins. Once the food is gone, they have to wait until dinner. Today was day one, and I think it went well. We didn’t hear “I’m hungry” once and they enjoyed getting to serve themselves from their selection of food. I’m a fan already!

Here’s the list of things we are currently planning on having in rotation:
sandwiches and roll ups – PB and meat/cheese
goldfish crackers, cheese crackers, pretzels
cheese sticks
fruit cups
applesauce pounces
carrots and ranch
clif bars
nature valley bars
fun size candy bars and oreos (Yeah…they get one treat a day too.)

I’ll probably make some homemade stuff once we get the hang of filling the bins every morning. Homemade muffins, oatmeal bars…that sort of thing.


I found booty shorts at Walmart the other day. I haven’t done a test run in them yet, but so far putting them on and dancing/running around the house hasn’t made them ride up. I’ve always wanted to have legs worthy of booty shorts! Running transformed my legs in ways I never imagined. It’s my FAVORITE thing about running!

I think I’ll let myself sink into a book for an hour or so. I haven’t done much reading lately. I’m only about halfway through Dorothy Must Die and I have Dangerous Creatures that I just got off the hold shelf waiting for me!

Happy Sunday!