Mom Loved to Read

I’m a librarian. I love to read. This is no secret.

I’m an avid GoodReads user. I track the number of books I’ve read and have participated in their yearly reading challenge since 2013. Back then I would try to be ambitios and read 50-100 books in a year. The most I ever managed was 71.

This year I decided to be conservative. I set my goal at 24 books, knowing that two books per month in addition to grad school was more than enough for my brain to handle.

After Mom was gone, I found comfort in scrolling through her social media. I stumbled upon her GoodReads account. It was a stab right to the gut. Most people don’t realize how quickly she went in the end. In January, she set a goal to read 12 books in 2018. She still had a book in her currently reading status, American Gods by Neil Gaiman. She was on page 44. Back then, she didn’t know she would leave us in March and would never finish that book.

I decided that I would read her 12 books for her. I’m sitting at 35 for my year with number 36 in my hands. Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare. A favorite series to end the most challenging and hardest year of my life. I read my books and I read hers too.

I love you, Mom. Thank you for teaching me to love reading and for saying to me, “It was about time!” for me to pursue my Masters in Library Science. You’ll be there when I walk and get hooded in May 2019 and when I finish up my last course in August. I think of you each day I walk into work and can picture you sitting in your papasan chair reading a book in the sunshine.


Remember those shin splints I mentioned…

I have run a grand total of 3 miles in 17 days. Why? Shin splints. I thought I was on top of them, but I wasn’t. After my mile repeats on August 22nd, I limped through 2 miles the next day before calling it quits. I took two days off, stretched everything, and did strength exercises. My long run was supposed to be 12. I barely made it 6 before throwing in the towel.

Coach said two weeks off running and to XT like there’s no tomorrow. So I did. And then I tried to run 3 miles last Thursday. Nope. Pain returned and made me think maybe I have a stress reaction in my left shin.

In 17 days I have ridden my bike 133 miles. So there’s that. I’m going to give running another attempt tomorrow. Fingers crossed. If that run doesn’t go well, it might be doctor time. Sigh…

All I wanted to do was run a sub-2 half. Is that too much to ask, running gods?!

What’s the lesson here? XT, people. Strength train, people.

Stay neon.

Hump Day Odds and Ends

I love intervals. I’ve said this before. Mile repeats…yes! 1K repeats…yes! 800s…yes! I get the greatest sense of accomplishment. Even if I have to DRIVE to a bathroom in the middle of a run because I didn’t make one more pit stop before starting my workout. Ugh. The pains of running in a small town before dawn when the gas station is on the opposite end of town as your favorite running path.

New Supplements
I’ve been listening to a lot of podcast episodes about nutrition lately. I’ve really enjoyed Tina Muir’s Running 4 Real. I recently added a calcium supplement and a super-B complex supplement in the mornings. Since I eat vegan most of the time and am lactose intolerant, I figured the calcium would be a good decision. So far, I’m not having any stomach issues like I have in the past. I’m still amazed that I would blame so many things on my wacky stomach, when it was probably just dairy all along!

Short Sleeves
I had to go make a purchase last night that I didn’t think I would ever make. I had to buy short sleeve running shirts. Say what? Yep…before yesterday, I owned ZERO short sleeve running shorts. I’m normally either tank top or long sleeve…no in between. I blame the treadmill and not running outside in the cool or cold unless I want to. But the broken treadmill (yep…still broken) is forcing me to run outside and it is starting to get a bit chilly some mornings. Enter the short sleeve shirt. Thankfully, I was able to find some at Target that I LOVE. Semi-fitted and SOFT.

I had one of those mornings with the boys where I wished the three of us could have just stayed home all day together. Runner Boy practiced his saxophone this morning before school (huzzah, late start!). He’s really getting good at it! Those private lessons with his teacher really paid off. And Tiny Boy’s sunflower that he planted from a seed finally bloomed. I just love them. My BroTatoes.

I’m reading Kara Goucher’s Strong, a confidence journal. I realized that I do some of these things in my running log. I’m inspired to keep a separate written journal in addition to my training log. Do you all keep a written training log or just online with Garmin or Strava? How about a confidence journal?

Stay neon!

Child’s pose…it’s ok. You don’t need to ask.

I did an hour of PiYo yesterday. I lost count of the number of times I had to go into child’s pose. It’s ok…Chalene says we don’t have to ask to go into child’s pose. We just can. I can run a half marathon, but I can’t do 4 burpees in a row without losing the ability to stand up straight. It’s all about balance, right?

My left shin hit a crankiness level that concerned me enough to not do my recovery run on Sunday. Not that Saturday’s run warranted a recovery run. 8 miles of dead legs, tight calves and shins, and an overall off feeling. Imagine my surprise when I hit save and see a 9:30 overall pace with a 149 average heart rate. I guess it didn’t suck as bad as it felt.

Today is Mr. Neon’s birthday. He requested spaghetti and meatballs, French bread, and cinnamon rolls for his birthday dinner. Carbs = happiness.

That’s all I’ve got today. Short and sweet.

Stay neon!

No Make-Up Friday!

It’s no make-up Friday! I started wearing make-up a couple of months ago, in addition to revamping my skincare routine. Adult acne sucks. I wear make-up Monday through Thursday and skip it on Friday with the exception of mascara. Sometimes I wear a little on the weekends, but I’m a pretty low maintenance girl when it comes to my appearance so sometimes I even skip mascara on the weekends. GASP!


I had a running first this morning. First time in five years that my Garmin died midrun. I didn’t even realize it had died until I was done. Oops. When I finally got it charged and synced, it died right at the 3 mile mark of my 4 mile run. Oops. At least I was running a route that I knew exactly how far it was.

I would take pictures of my early morning runs, except it is SO DARK. I think I’m ready to get the treadmill fixed, but I do love running outside, getting that fresh air. I could do without the cobwebs.

I have a secret goal for the year that I’ve been doing some math on and I think is totally possible. Any guesses as to what it is?? Mr. Neon….shhhhh!

Stay neon!

Enter Title Here. Ok.

When my husband notices I haven’t blogged in a while…then it’s really been a while.

Half-Marathon Training
Race day is nine weeks out. I’ve had several big workouts. Some I’ve nailed. Some I haven’t. But I’m feeling strong and good. My fitness is at an all time high, despite putting on five pounds of what I have decided to call “grief weight.”

Avoiding Injury
It seems like every training cycle some little issue crops up. In the spring, I dealt with odd knee pain. This time around I’ve got weird groin pain. I thought I had a full groin pull that I was dealing with. I started back with ALL my PT exercises with a vengeance. Two days later, the pain is virtually gone. Either it wasn’t a true injury or I have just finally figured out what to do to get back on track and get the correct muscles firing.

I just finished my summer semester. Whew…that was fast and furious. I really enjoyed both courses. I could definitely see myself as a library director someday, if I can manage to leave storytime behind without breaking my own heart.

With this two week break in between semesters, I’ve been inhaling non-school books. I read Deena Kastor’s book, which I HIGHLY recommend. I’m following it up with Erin Taylor’s Work In. I need to get back on the meditation bandwagon. My brain never shuts off. NEVER.

Runner Boy starts MIDDLE SCHOOL. When did that happen?! 6th grade. And Tiny Boy will be in 4th grade. Sigh…they make me feel old. And yet I still get mistaken for their older sister on a regular basis.

Alright, Mr. Neon…was that enough for you? Maybe I’ll blog until later this week…err…next month…err…next year?

Stay neon!


Where do I even begin? I’ve sat down here at least a dozen times trying to figure out what to write. And I’ve failed a dozen times.

My last post on here was February 16. A lot has happened since then.

Mom made the decision to enter hospise on March 18. She passed away March 26. I still can’t believe how quickly she went.

I continued to train for my sub-2 hour attempt. I ran a 2:01:50 on May 19 at the Bill Snyder Highway Half. So close and yet still so far away. I ran with my mini necklace urn in my pocket. Mom was with me.

On May 20, our treadmill broke AND Runner Boy and I were in a car accident. The car was totaled and I broke the middle metacarpal bone in my left hand. I had surgery on the 21st. Runner Boy was fine…thank goodness.

I was in a cast for 5 weeks with pins in my hand for 4 of those weeks. My coach gave me a slow build for my half in October. I was able to run with cast, but it was gross and I hated it.

I have a new car. No cast on my hand. Summer reading is almost over at work. I’m back training at a moderate level. Our treadmill is still broken, but I’m getting up a little earlier and driving into our small town to make laps around the neighborhoods. It’s making me stronger.

I miss Mom. She’s with me all the time. I feel her in a sudden breeze across my legs when I’m running. I see her in the sunrise during my runs. And the sunsets out my kitchen window when I do dishes.

Life goes on. Even if the thought of living the rest of it without her is suffocating. I’m going to start writing again. I need to get back on track with so many things. This is my start.

Stay neon.